Life as you knew it is indefinitely postponed. 

No nation has been spared from the mind-scattering rate of change and catastrophe, as we watch the landscape of our lives be confined and remodelled at the mercy of the Covid-19 coronavirus. Havoc wreaks harmoniously with the itching increase in cabin fever as life in self-isolation grows much more intense than you anticipated. 

This transformational handbook will not just sooth your heartache, it will ignite your inspiration in a guided approach that touches on;

  •  The hygiene factors the news is not mentioning and how mental immunity is a weapon against disease 


  • A new meaning for CORONA that preserves your sanity and  propels your potential by tapping into Creativity, Optimism, Resolutions, Opportunities, Nourishment and Action 


  • Understand the simplicity of the universe and manifesting


  • A game changing structure that will put you at a head start in life after lockdown which combines ‘O’Briens 5H Hierarchy for Self-Evolution’ and an isolation-enhancing  ‘Quarantine Routine’ 

By the end of this book you will know just how to capitalise on coronavirus for your own inner peace and future prosperity. 

The Quarantine Handbook (Kindle)

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  • Gi Gi O'Brien is the young and savvy source of inspiration people can relate to. Warmth, wit and the kind of wake up call that excites you into execution. Since receiving the prestigious Australian Pacesetter Award from American Express Centurion in 2015, she has used her skills to live a life working remotely from Bali to Barbados while establishing herself in Publishing and Production. In January 2020 she founded 111 Entertainment in Los Angeles. Amidst the Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic she decided to put projects on standby to write and self-publish "The Quarantine Handbook" in an effort to minimise the mental health repercussions of self-isolation and a world in crisis.

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