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Rumour has it ...

Well, hot damn! In the name of Treason I think let's skip past this week's cut-throat call outs and jump straight into elevating the vibration of humanity shall we? You see, right now we are most definitely at a tipping point, we are straight up in a war of good vs evil that gets so dark and nauseating that chilling spikes of horror shoot through the inner arches of my feet....and that's articulating it lightly. #cuedramaticeyeroll

If you wanna visit the rabbit hole, just dabble in any of the following and search Illuminati + any of the below on Duck Duck Go, but full disclosure this post won't be dipping into any further details of the dark abyss aside from the points listed below, so skip ahead if you have zero interest;

- The Cabal, Adrenochrome, Deep State, Agenda2030 and reducing the population by an ambitious 90%, but if it's just a conspiracy theory no reason to be alarmed, it's a bit far-fetched to think this could be an orchestrated pandemic with a hidden agenda.

- The Babylonian Brotherhood whose endgame and mission for the New World Order is actual 'hell on earth', though who would believe people are actively working on stopping the sun's energy - madness but admirable... I've always taken to those dreamers who just want to go a bit OTT in their goals.

- Blood Sacrifice (killing) of a loved one in the hidden entry requirements of this elite circle, but the people who die around famous people have a lot of heart disease and random death during cosmetic surgery so it could just be a coincidence, really it could, right?

- 'Sold my soul' is a sentence I've heard some odd 40+ times now in music lyrics and celebrity interviews, didn't know a soul had a price tag to be honest.

- Satanic Symbolism could have been accidentally used by most of the elite time and again in clothing, jewelry choices, stage performances and the kicker, tattoos. Cause I'm def gonna go throw a permanent mark on my body without knowing what it means.

- The demons that possess Jay Z/Eminem (Rainman), Beyonce ( Sasha), Justin Biber, Miley Cyrus and even our dear friend The Queen. The deal that you do with said devil apparently gives you supernatural powers for performance alongside all the actual wealth and power and all that fame and whatnot.

And yes we are almost finished our brief visit to Crazy Town.

Anyone following my posts knows I leave my most outrageous point last...

so in the spirit of consistency...

ill finish with this;

- That deal with you know who, comes with caveats.... including but not limited to Celebrity Channeling of the D himself where he takes over their body, Morphing or Shape-Shifting where you present certain deformed features that randomly come and go and largely resemble reptilians like snakes or lizards especially in the eyes or my most unfavoured of all... the lightening glimpses of the face of D as seen quite prominently in the takeovers of Beyonce, Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga. [ Guess Kanye was onto something when he sang 'Runaway fast as you can' and I know I sound fucked of me head, but this shit is straight-up chilling and not kick back with your homie 'Netflix and chill' kind of chillin'.]

It could also all just be me falling for the best ever century-long joke on the naive believer. I still sleep with a nightlight, so I scare easily and a part of me facing this is me wanting to not be fearful, I want to have the courage to explore any possible reality and all potentials.

I want to be courageous enough to seek Truth.

Seeing that I can no longer sit outside alone on the balcony now that the sun has set, I've retreated to the bedroom where my father is staring at me like if I am a lunatic holding my hand to my chest in the utter conflicting disbelief that I am even writing the paragraphs in this post... So, I think its time we move along.

Upwards and onwards we go, I did promise some dope soul nuturing vibes after all.

Fear not the demons that walk amongst us, for when we move towards the light the darkness will cease to exist.

I am curious if life right now is a bit like flight delays. Have you ever got to the airport to hear your flight is delayed and looking back you see that your 8-hour delay was just a series of announcements of extended delays? You were simply drip-fed the disappointing news at a rate that prevented pending meltdown. How very bliss it is to now discover the world as it really has been, and do so in considerate bite-size portions so as not to choke on these alarming revelations.

The veil is lifting and we are becoming unstuck from the glue that has held us soundly asleep like sedated offspring of this twisted system.

And, here we are getting birthed into this Truth and whether we like it or not is what it is and is going to be what it is going to be so let's get on the good vibe IV. Rumor has it the anti-corruption agenda could take up to a few years to play out, we therefore need to release the resistance of fighting against the unfolding agendas that are at arms. A few doses of positivity can go a long way right now to help speed our way through the psychosis of these deafening truths and arrive at our much-needed level of conscious ascension.

So often we look at life through a lens of loss due to our brain's negativity bias. As a species we are much more likely to notice the negative than the positive, as it best prepared us for any threat to survival. But, seeing as we have locked down our self-isolation setup, I think its safe to say we can look at things from a positive perspective of gain. And yes, we have plenty to gain here and now.

Reprogramming a radical new normal

Separation, Starvation, Eviction, Riots, Solo births, lonely deaths and other fears. These are real concerns and I am not going to try and toss a cherry on top of this pain and grief and tell you to enjoy your ice-cream Sundae when life is a melting pot of so much shit right now that only leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

But, when you want to see the light... I want you to know where to find it.

What not to do;

- do not add fuel to the fire or we may all crash and burn

- do not act on impulse or irrationality when you can be intellectual with grace

- do not let your negative thoughts fester until they breed depression

- do not put others down when you can lift them up

- do not engage in trivial warfare when we desperately need peace

- do not withdraw in silence when you know you need support

- do not go into the dark without a flashlight of love and objectivity

- do not give up, there is #hopeforhumanity

Money alone cannot eradicate suffering nearly as much as the power of education can. Education is what stays with you, it is what you apply in your life long after you leave the classroom. Not all profits come from the set program. It's more important what you learn rather than where you learn it. What matters is to invest in the kind of growth that creates value for the evolving world.

What you can do;

- Learn about your values because they will reveal your passions and be your anchor

- Learn how to fail because it means you are trying something new and there will be plenty of new after this global realignment

- Learn to solve problems because life will never exist without them

- Learn resilience because it will teach you strength

- Learn patience because then you'll know what's worth waiting for

- Learn about your own life rhythm; how much sleep you need, what foods best suit you, what your indulgence preferences are, learn how to serve yourself in all dynamics

- Learn to build healthy consumption habits for food, technology, and relationships otherwise you will be in a cycle of escapism and wake up unable to ever get back to the life you lost consuming numbness

- Learn to love the process of learning and discover the keys to the new kingdom; manage your energy, feed your focus, find your flow... most importantly, have fun!

Take a walk on the present side;

Now that I think about it, I’ve walked around my garden and missed soooo many things every other time I took that stroll. It's like I was sleepwalking or just distant in thought but I wanted to make an effort to tune into the present and see what I could learn. Like the famous Wayne Dyer quote, "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."

Suddenly the mating rituals of white pigeons and the fertilization of their eggs was a way to tap into the creation of life. The minuscule portions of fish food allotment was consumption control insight, restriction and the teaching of healthy balance. Birds building nests was a portrayal constructed of time and effort, delayed gratification, security and the likes.

Inhale. Exhale. I recite my daily mantra;

I'm losing the plot, and I'm down with that because awakening is sometimes nothing other than a necessary and largely uncontrollable trip toward self-discovery.

I guess before I continue and this starts to resemble an induced adventure of fascinating nothingness, I will leave you with this. The world, the one that you have at your fingertips right now, is an abundance of endless education.

School systems delivered us into a world that grew so distasteful and so unpleasurable in many ways. If education is merely what stays with you when what has been learned is behind you, then ask yourself what you want to have with you for keeps, and then create a lesson plan around that.

Reprogramming is the new normal. We are changing and if you are aware enough to notice it then its time to adapt.

Resurrection, restoration, revival and renewal.

Whatever you want to call it, the awakening is here and rumor has it... it's going to be one wild ride.

With love and disappointing levels of social ostracism.

Until next time,

Gi Gi

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