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We deserve better, better than confusion that results only in the division of our peers in a place where love and connection used to be. Truth should not be something that is argued over with psychological profiling that facilitates the belittling and labeling of others whose opinions only differ from our own. Since when did Truth become something we had to hate on each other to find? #itsnotok

We are being attacked in ways that have left us pinned between fear and shock. How much more will we put our psyche and thereby our body through as our systems are being weakened into even further vulnerability? #itsnotok

How are there so many parents bringing life into this world, nurturing the minds of their kids, simply unsure of just what they can teach them about our leaders? Should we be this comfortable not knowing who or what we can trust? Is that not worth speaking against at the minimum? A future that most of humanity doesn’t even realize is hanging on by a thread, do those children deserve the world that we are creating with our decision to conform in states of nonchalant aloofness? Is there something worth figuring out here, is there something worth fighting for, but most important....

How is it possible that faced with those questions, we have been left only to ponder distractedly while running in circles chasing our own spinning tail of information overload until we are dizzied into allowing things to continue. #itsnotok

In the face of politically incorrect and spiritually obscene debates people are left under the surface of this illusion, actually being deprived of very real needs for their heath, well being and survival. Deprivation of basic needs; human connection, safety, security, ability to establish self-esteem, movement, life experience. Each day we are fighting the good fight where the maintenance of positivity is overshadowed by this world in conflict and more days pass when we say nothing, months pass and we do nothing. #itsnotok

That’s what silence does, it eradicates the opportunity for standing against oppression. Silence will surely safeguard us in the state of evolution determined at the mercy of people who cannot even be trusted to paint a clear picture unaffiliated with lies, corruption and murder. #itsnotok

We deserve more, humanity, we deserve more than this.

Don’t argue when you can observe, be vigilant. Discover your version of the truth through curiosity, continue to take control of enriching your life with more faith, more joy, more love. Love yourself, love each other, listen to the desire within that wants more than than this ....and let’s unite in creating it. This is not our new normal, this is our evolution. We are more than the few. From great ambition comes great results and we will not get what we do not act as though we deserve.

Our opinions, our voice, that is the only weapon we have right now. When you feel like something is not ok, speak up. You are powerful, what you say matters. The cement that hardened us in silence, is cracking. The breaking point is here, now, and we should not look away when what we ultimately are fighting for is our very own future.

I love you world, I love what you are capable of.

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