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Hope for Humanity

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Ignorance is so bliss, until it isn't and crossing that line is a very personal choice.

Over the past week I have transitioned from loving to ignore all this negative propaganda, knowing that the world is fucked and I can find my own oasis and not join the bandwagon of conspiracy theories. I could be positive, productive, healthy, and chill in replenishing my reserves until I am told that life as we won't recognize it, could go to the next level of operation pandemic. I was able to look to the future thinking that it would resume with familiarity and that my place in it would still be relevant, it would still be of value. I was able to find meaning in my motives, inspiration in my actions and peace in my ability to mindfully disregard information that was fighting its way through.

I was able to do all of these things, until now.

On the back of my last post 'A Crisis of Truth', I have had a series of insights and again referred to my mantras. I've called on the universe to communicate with me from within because frankly, I couldn't really know what to trust that came from external resources. I've had dreams that have been deciphered, I've had guidance from places that I cannot even put into words.

The energy of the world right now is pulsating with an unprecedented fragility of anticipation, as we cling with appropriate levels of desperation to anything that allows us to keep our foothold of sanity.

Are we making a choice to filter information and only take on board what makes us feel at ease? Have we created a narrative for ourselves that keeps us comfortable because then we can maintain relationships instead of being different in our beliefs in ways that would pin us against each other? Is it easier to go with the sanity of the crowd than stand-alone and look insane?

Here are a few things that I found while I dug into the depths of disgusting theories only to come out on the other side of the rabbit hole with #hopeforhumanity.

Main consideration points in my mind-expansion exercise;

  • #Pharmagedon is childs play compared to the potential of what is happening

  • It's possible that there is an elite 1% that is controlling the world, and that those elite are controlled by something even greater. It is possible that what they are controlled by is the opposite of Light, God, Goodness, Peace and the protection of humanity from harm.

  • I know that me exposing myself to this evil, darkness, corruption does not mean that I think it is true, but I am exploring this objectively to see if it's possible because it is my choice to think and that thinking should not be controlled by manipulation.

  • Anything with the word Satanic was so far fetched until evidence of certain rituals was presented, most of it unlikely to be found on our 'taught-to-be trusted' sources, which I have already come to question during my Crisis of Truth.

  • If I'm blatantly honest, I was very uncomfortable with the word Satanic until I realized that a majority of people just see this as a religious belief system and make their choices in praise to this system. I could choose to be dismissive, but is this what they were hoping my response would be? Make it seem so ludacris that people wouldn't even believe the truth when it's right in front of them? Are we so committed to what we have been taught that we can't question it even just as a means to explore truth? Is that like brainwashing or am I just losing the plot?

  • On the flip side if I was not dismissive in what I could consider, would I be overwhelmed, scared, unable to just face this potential explanation of what's going on behind the curtain? Maybe the best approach is to just chill out, look at the different side of things calmly and objectively, and just see if there are any ah-ha moments and if any of it actually make sense to my internal compass and gut feeling.

  • I believe in the balance of life and the universe, day and night, light and dark, positive and negative etc. The laws of the almighty baller universe have been much joy to build my own beliefs around. There is a The Holy Bible thereby would make sense that there is a Satanic Bible. It has been outspoken by various people that a majority of celebrities follow this alternative religion and have used subliminal messaging in their videos to communicate symbolism and influence the subconscious mind in ways that are consistent with this belief system. I believe in the power of subliminal messaging and the ability to influence the subconscious mind, I've done it when manifesting.

  • Do cults even exist? Enter the whole denial because instinctively our ability to comprehend this would be in overload. Are human species likely to just be in alignment with the mass consensus merely out of fear of rejection? If your idols were backing these theories how quickly would you get behind them also? Do you think believing this makes you look crazy?

I guess what I am asking is do you want to blue pill or the red pill?

  • How I could neutralize and the sequence of questions continue...Are the symbols so bad, are they really that dark or is this all just a psychopath trying to spin a theory - well look into it yourself and use Duck Duck Go to do it, you will start to see how well Google is at censorship at the very minimum.

  • How could there be so many reports over the last 50+ years of child trafficking, sexual torture of babies to extract form their blood the most addictive and powerful anti-aging drug (adrenochrome) and the finding of these underground 'spiritual' locations where rituals were conducted that could have included cannibalism. Why were so many people actually arrested in relation to this if there was no evidence?

  • Darkness and that level of it makes me HIGHLY UNCOMFORTABLE. So I need to believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel and how I perceive this information, what I allow myself to dwell on will be amplified. So in the chance that there is truth in all of this, what can I do about it? How do I believe better is coming and excuse me while I purge all the WTF's out of me after looking into this all.

I guess it could be easier to go, yea its all bogus - yes, yes that feels more comfortable. Ignorance truly is bliss. BUT.... Somehow I just cannot seem to stop asking questions, and it's sending me into this direction of discovery which I'm taking a positive attitude to explore so I don't get swallowed alive in shock and naivety of belief.

Some of the things I have looked at while playing a little game I call... " but is it possible?"

Out of Shadows - A spotlight on Hollywood, CIA, the media and the ways in which entertainment, the press and all of 'information sources' we use have been used for mind manipulation of their evil rooted agenda for as long as we can phathom. Could there be some truth to Operation Mockingbird? Could people who looked into this and the CIA Mind Control Progam be on to something?

Why were so many people found dead by either outright assassination, suicide or heart attack that had an opinion on this and who was in on it?

I mean I was just curious to look into some of these allegations after all anyone who knows me knows I actually just founded an Entertainment company in Los Angeles and am headed full force into the film/tv space. For me it was more than relevant so I continued my adventure.

I went to Twitter and searched the hashtag #pizzagate ---> why are Ellen and Oprah wearing what looks like ankle monitors and why?

I found a documentary that maps out the entire backend of those powers behind the scenes: Fall Cabal - A Great Awakening - and that too can be taken with a pinch of salt, but bloodlines can be tracked, ownership of institutions confirmed, and most importantly the coincidences between celebrity and activists voicing opinions against elite, and their untimely death/ suicide is right there in the open, Anthony Bourdain ring any bells? I guess what I am saying is, the fact is those people tweeted or said something, and they are now dead. Is that just a random coincidence, I guess it could be, or is something else up? I urge you to watch til the end, it's definitely worth it because you need to reach the part that's positive to balance everything out.

You spend hours watching Netflix, why not spice things up with a plot twist just for the pure observation of it all. Nothing is true or false because how would we know 100% that it is or isn't. Everything is up for debate, and it makes quite the intriguing (albeit disturbing) portrayal of what's been happening and what is coming. Before you dismiss the information, maybe just actually watch it with objective eyes, and think... I wonder if I look into this, could it possibly be true? And remember try to look at things not just on Google but also on Duck Duck Go since it's not censored the way other search engines are.

Truth or dare is now looking like the thrill of 'I dare you to seek Truth' ... but make the rabbit hole a conscious adventure, set your intention of knowing there is a silver lining and that time will reveal all, as time always does. Hindsight is 20/20 vision, whether that is the debunking of all the above, the reveal of history's best-kept secrets and sins, and all in all just a new narrative that we can digest as the nutrition of our next phase of growth.

My Post-Grad in journalism has shaped me to be truth seeker so I personally want to hear the different sides of what's out there and here are some interesting things I noticed before I had decided I saw enough of the cringe and wanted to skip more into the creativity and delicious conscious evolution of this historical unfolding...but first...

  • Tom Hanks Instagram and all the random isolated articles of clothing that seems to be bizarre but could be code... and is he really just one of the Rockefeller family member who was untouchable in his alleged affiliation with the pedophile rings and lets just put it out there, Michael Rockefeller resemblences?

  • Justin Bieber photos of babies with #Yummy, pizza slices hidden in his wallpaper on his boat - I mean surely could just be that he likes babies, and pizza is a common thing and you see what you start to look for so of course, I'm weary. Just saying, there are things that are out there, in coherence with the theories, just a lot of 'odd' coincidences

  • Justin Timberlake music video - Supplies - exposing the symbolism quite blatantly

  • In the spirit of leaving my best nut-cracker moments til the end, I guess the one that shook me was Rihanna's - Umbrella from good girl gone bad album, then there is the ANTI album which is positioned as ANTI-christ, and her being the Princess of Illuminati ---> I thought for sure no god damn way, but then why was I feeling so dark about her all of a sudden and I guess that's the power of focus and programming. You want an AMG and you suddenly can't stop noticing Gwags everywhere. It could all just be merely a twist on good entertainment, not at all programming us to feel comfortable with a certain symbolism that makes us more aligned and receptive to following an alternative religion. If all these signs were affiliated with darkness and the church of Satan, were they just accidentally being used over and over by the same people we are 'following' as guideposts for the next trend in humanity. Did I just hop on the train and have been "enjoying the view" so much that I just never asked where the train was taking me?

It's all just a bit much so best to have a breather.

There is a video as to why people appeal to conspiracy theories and I've exposed myself to that information as well, you know to make sure I self-monitor my own ability to perceive. And hey, there is also the chance that this information serves to position people who believe conspiracy theories as delusional and stop people from even being welcomed to talk about them and try to make sense out of the theories just by branding them as "koo koo" and have them be negatively judged. We fear rejection so much we almost won't even exercise our right to independent thinking if it means that we would be looked down on or thought of as "out to lunch" and bat shit crazy.

The only reason I write these posts is to be able to express things in order to find center, to communicate and stay connected as we navigate a very saturated, sticky, and sometimes unimaginable worldview. I have struggled, survived and been soul-enriched by exploring my curiosity, seeking wisdom and a greater understanding of Truth. What a time to be alive, we are on the brink of a whole new evolution and I guess its fun to think about what our places will be as we look beyond the current landscape.

It's better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one, than to have an opportunity and not be prepared.

It's not all grim and lost hope if all media and press were actually corrupt and censored and working to the instruction of the dark side. There is so much hope in all of what the future holds even if we do not know what that is yet. You have the capacity to make a difference and serve the betterment of our evolution if that's what your desire is. If all these people are getting removed from the world as we know it and in a lot of ways we get a fresh start, it would be logical that a lot of new opportunities are going to open up and a whole lot of shoes will need to be filled.

I mean if the big companies really are corrupt and their CEOs get removed aside from the hundreds who have already stepped down globally, what will be the replacement.. perhaps new companies...shouldn't we be excited about that too? Who will our new icons of hope be if Hollywood is cleansed, what do we love about it, where could we use some improvements? Who will our new leaders be, what kind of leaders do we want and how do we personally want to feel empowered in our lives? Thinking about that stuff is exciting to me.

Some storms do not come to destroy our path, they simply come to clear it.

Here's to the light from the darkness, the return of value-driven global leaders, a better tomorrow and a whole lot of #hopeforhumanity.

With love, inspiration and a bunch of good vibes.

Til next time, Gi Gi

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