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A Crisis of Truth

On Friday 3rd April at 3:07am I received an email from the company that facilitates the payments for my website where I can sell The Quarantine Handbook direct to customer. The company basically said that if I do not remove parts of the book that involve strengthening the immune system, point blank, they will not approve my account. As my website is built on Wix this is the only offered payment processor.

I thought this was strange but did not look too much into it, what could possibly be wrong with drinking some apple cider vinegar with lemon, alkalising the blood and getting some Vitamin D from the sun?

Just days later I found an error message in the place where my book used to be on Amazon. I contacted them and in summary their response was this;

We’ve reviewed your book and have decided not to offer it for sale on Amazon. Amazon reserve’s the right to determine what content we offer according to our content guidelines.

I was baffled by this email. Their guidelines had clearly been adhered to when the book was first submitted and approved, published and ordered by several people. What changed?

Intuitively I just looked into what Vitamin D could possible have in relation to whats happening in the world right now, and feel free to look into all yourself, but finding this research was enough to get me to start opening my mind and ask questions about the bigger picture;

Radiological health expert Daniel Hayes, Ph.D., of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene suggests that a form of vitamin D could be one of our body's main protections against damage from low levels of radiation. Writing in the International Journal of Low Radiation, Hayes explains that calcitriol, the active form of vitamin D, may protect us from background radiation and could be used as a safe protective agent before or after a low-level nuclear incident.

Since then I've found myself in a Crisis of Truth, questioning everything and having a few glasses of whisky to soften the blow. I am not one who is intimidated easily, but if I am honest I have been spinning out, feeling distorted in my ability to trust all sources of information. With haywire emotions I've sought out mantras as a lifeline and one of those mantas is that I cannot make informed decisions without information. I need to expose myself, with objective and unemotional eyes, to the bigger picture and have a willingness to learn perspectives. I have to take ownership and control over my sanity. I have little interest in being pedantic and paranoid. The world right now is in such psychological overwhelment as we find ourselves always one inch away from conspiracy theories pinned against pressure to fear our circumstances and the unknown future.

There is a divide in beliefs;

Informed vs ignorant

Transparency vs conspiracy

Truth vs lies

Good vs evil

Kindness vs hatred

Agression vs calmness

Emotion vs numbness

Positive vs negative

Formalist vs nonconformist

And the list goes on...

This dear humanity, is anything but black and white.

For me personally I have had to boil it down to the facts and simplifying my most important questions.... these are a few points that have stuck in my swirling state of my mind. I'm not asking you to believe me, I'm just sharing it because thats what feels right... I've found myself wondering more if it's possible rather than if it's true... and if it is possible then do I know what decisions I will make when the choices are slammed before me. I work best preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.

So here is what I have been thinking about...

  • My book and some of its material on immunity was required to be omitted otherwise the merchant processor would not give me an account to sell from my website

  • Amazon no longer wants to sell the book

  • There has been little if any information being promoted for strengthening our immune systems despite being in a pandemic that resembles the flu - why don't they want people strong enough to fight it on their own?

  • There is a lot of information spotlighting the vaccines by Bill Gates, there has been statements that say it will be mandated and there has been this thing #Agenda21 surfacing more and more

  • They are statements that this vaccine will be a way to microchip us and that this is part of the #ID2020 plan

  • If we are moving to a cashless system and this is being replaced by a digital currency, does that co-relate to the above? If it does and we are not micro-chipped will we be able to travel, use the gym, gas stations etc Will we be able to conduct transactions for our basic survival? Will it come down to get chipped or get fucked and find your own way to live? ...(Im not even gonna say excuse my french cause I truthfully have used up my ability to give any more Fu...)

  • Google, where I use to go to research and find truth.... is highly censored showing us only what they want to show us, so what is being filtered out and hidden from us then?

  • Conspiracy (which just means to conspire and collaborate) theories have been popping up, going viral and removed. If there is no truth to them why not just debunk them properly instead of remove them? Should we not have all the information and decide for ourselves after all has been considered?

  • Enter Crisis of Truth

  • Worst case, humans need food and water to survive, our access to those things is being controlled, so where would that leave us? I mean we could garden, but that requires certain supplies not to mention water for irrigation, which is controlled by Water Authority who would be part of this cashless microchip system I gather.

  • We are aware that one Earth and the way we were living was unsustainable for the size of our population - could this be a population control exercise ie massacre delivered on a pandemic silver platter

  • When will we collectively decide that a life is a life and that we are losing them by the thousands at an incontestable rate, regardless of the rigging of numbers and how they are recorded

When did disputing the cause of death become more important than the value of life?

  • I've saved the biggest question for last and yes I'm happy for you to advocate that I've lost my marbles, I joyously proclaim that to myself on a daily to provide some type of relief. It is ok to feel crazy when you have crazy thoughts, so without further ado... the grand finale. I've read that the new and improved vaccine machine "CELLECTRA 3PSP" shocks our cells into submission with electrical stimuli forcing membranes open so that foreign DNA can enter at approximately 1000 times the rate a cell would typically allow - what does that accomplish and what are those consequences? Is it possible to compromise our cells to a point that you would have control over them as well as our consciousness? Is the 5G tower installation in conjunction with the satellites the creation of a new grid that would essentially compromise our conscious grid, the very thing that allows us to be human? Also let's loop back, could the vaccines actually kill us since we are no where near the population for a sustainable planet. I can't help but wonder, that is all I am saying. You are prone to thinking some messed up stuff when you see pictures of trenches being dug out for dead bodies and shortly after scroll pass a headline saying WHO can "remove" you from your own home. You are not alone, I've lost my appetite too ...but at least there is food for thought.

I would rather have a crazy conversation and be prepared for pharmagedon than be ignorant and ambushed. Everyone is going to approach this differently, but there are a few things of which I am certain.

Good is better than evil, so pray for good.

Faith is bigger than fear. So have faith in good outcomes.

Train yourself to know courage, because it is not the absence of fear but a willingness to act in the face of it. And make no mistake, we will be faced with choices that will require that courage.

And for heavens sake, stand united in the acceptance of difference, stand united in support of each other, let us not be divided in frustration, in the simple essence of seeing things from a different perspective. We don't need more reason to be divided when the only way to get through this strongest is as a collective. Not everyone is dealing with this the same way, no one is right or wrong so just ease up on all the flooding commentary casting that judgement in such harshly curated sentences. Kindness and compassion. We are in this thing together, despite sometimes contradictory beliefs.

"We are in unchartered waters," a friend said to me earlier today, and I laughed thinking of that old saying, a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor. Instead of focusing on being right, focus on being honest. Talk to express yourself because you need to be able to do that right now. Listen to hear others out, not only to respond. Our emotional intelligence is at its most critical level of importance. We may never have bought it, but we all have a ticket to the theatre and whether we like it or not, it's a bloody shit show.

Denial is not acceptance and you are not negative because you are speaking out on the conditions of a very real crisis. You can speak from observation and to eradicate confusion. Let your intention be to find clarity and do that with love not fear. Will we chose to allow 5G or will we protest, will we get vaccinated or politely decline?

Either we stand together, or we stand apart, but we will stand for something when we make these inevitable choices.

All I am saying is start to think about what those choices mean.

With love,

Gi Gi

Oh, and p.s. I was able to go on the backend of my author dashboard and have the book re-published under an amended title, who knows how long that will last so if you want it get it while you can. If you think it will help others then share it. Truth be told, it could be taken down in a matter of hours, or could lucky for me continue to fly under the radar despite Amazon's email. As with so many things about our current state of global affairs, only time will tell.

For the direct website one, I sent the payment processor an amended version with no immunity in it and that is the one listed as PDF, I got my account approved and then I uploaded the original version as an additional product under Kindle. Again, not sure how long this will last but no time like the present and if all else fails, I'll be blogging.

Feels odd ending this here so i'll do a second sign-off cause we could use all the love we can get right now.

With love, and lots more love,

Gi Gi

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