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4:20 Vibes

“Everything in life is vibration.” – Albert Einstein

This is the most important time in my existence that I've thought, I have to be committed to looking after the health of my vibration (emotions + thoughts). There is a lot of fear, stress, anxiety, hopelessness and it's bloody understandable. If you had to describe it with brutal honesty, what's your vibe right now and what has it been like?

Your vibration is single-handedly the most important thing for your health, well-being and actualization of your intended manifestations.

Vibration vs Frequency

I won't take you down a metaphysical rabbit hole but it's nice to know the difference. Vibrations refer to the movement of atoms and particles and how they oscillate, which is caused by energy. Frequency has to do more with the rate at which those vibrations and oscillations of energy take place.

When all is said and done, it all comes back to energy. Low vibrations drain your energy and often are the levels at which illness and disease occur, and high vibrations give you energy and are synchronistic with optimal health.

The universe loves speed and the vehicle for fast transformation of reality is the flow and momentum of a given frequency. I dare say, higher frequencies facilitate quicker attraction on the matching wavelength which makes it all the most delicious to vibe on the below;

528 Hz - Love

780 Hz - Enlightenment

800 Hz - Appreciation & Gratitude

Sometimes however, before you can reach your high, you have to clear out the existing energy and release any bad vibes, and 420 is definitely good for that, and a little pocket of pleasure when talking frequency is 432Hz. Clearing the energy can be done through sound healing and a playlist much like the below;

Sometimes you are on such a low vibration it's too challenging to jump from grief to joy so you need to approach it through vibrational escalation, stepping up in frequencies sequentially if that's what the body needs.

Take the path of least resistance,
where there is force there is no flow.

I have found the greatest leaps are possible when I put all my focus on deep breathing and feeling gratitude and appreciation for what I observe around me in my environment and in my life and my self-reflection. I legit gave myself an Oxygen high just from take 11 deep inhales and exhales for as long as I could hold them.

Try it yourself, it's a trip! But, aside from breathing there are a few techniques that can align you with these super powerful vibrations.

Trigger Happy; A Theory on Nostalgia

Nostalgia, ah the good ole reminiscing over times past, places felt, connections shared. It's a powerful thing to recall memory, both when it's bad and when it's good. This phenomenon is so powerful it stimulates metabolic activity and blood flow in different areas of the brain, and even activates the reward centers believe it or not. Hello pleasant emotions.

Emotional Memory recall is so powerful that the emotions of the past can even feel as if they are taking place in the present. If you have ever of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), you are aware that a past memory can feel like its happening to you all over again with the same level of pain as when the experience occurred.

If you trigger a memory of painful times, for instance abuse or violence, grief or even a bad break up, it can be so powerful that your entire vision can blur between the memory and your current experience. As in, you flat out hallucinate to an extent, as if the event being recalled is taking place at that moment.

That's the fascinating power of the brain as was touched on in The Quarantine Handbook. We are capable of extraordinary things like psychoneuroimmunology, the mind being used as a weapon to build resistance against disease and the placebo effect that uses beliefs to deliver the same results as medical treatment, without any actual medicine.

Powers of good and evil

I figure, why not apply the same science to recall rejoice instead of trauma and trigger our happiness. So in the spirit of this occasion, here are 4 ways that I've been inducing my high vibes and upping the emotional sentimentalism of life’s best moments;

#1 Laughter

Thinking about times when I was just cracking up, abs hurting, drinking Rosé in the nude while making philosophical proclamations about our entrepreneurial purpose in life, man those were the gold old days. The moments where you flat out can't help but escape death by chocking on your sushi in a fit of giggles and the moments when you spill corn soup all over the bed late at night with your best friend. Look back to those times when laughter restricted breathing and despite all attempts to hold it back, you laughed at the most inappropriate moments making the funeral all the more memorable. Whatever shape and form those memories come in, think about them and let them trigger the high vibrations.

#2 Accomplishment

Crossing the finish line, overcoming a challenge, sometimes something as simple as completing a tiny task, breaking bad behaviors or knocking one big goal out of the park. These things make us proud, confident and happy. We so often look ahead at what we are trying to achieve and we forget to look at how much we already accomplished that should be celebrated. Write a list of your milestones and highlights in the past 5 years and see how good that actually makes you feel.

#3 Spontaneity

There is something so thrilling about embracing the unknown and doing something so out of character, diving into the unplanned essence of adventure, taking a chance and making an unexpected commitment. Sometimes it is saying no when you thought you were being pressured to say yes, and saying yes to things that you impulsively would normally say no to. Look at some of the ways you have actually surprised yourself, there could be no better time to embrace the unknown as right now and thinking about your past spontaneous moment will provide the contrast of hindsight that lets you know, it all works out in the end.

#4 Indulgence;

Oh how we loved to go overboard and rightfully so. Life, after all, is here to be lived. Remember the moments, feel them all over again, the buzz that you get when you have indulged in...

  • One too many glasses of whiskey and wine

  • Back to back episodes of an epic series

  • An extra scoop of ice cream after the perfect amount of sashimi

  • The delicious third round of romance when you have had two satisfying sessions already because you know, the third times a charm

  • Beaming with joy when you watch others win, that essence of loving and supporting people who deserve it, the indulgence of pride in others and how that inspires you

  • The high of an outer body meditation

And on that note I'm going to dive into a nostalgia-inducing meditation. In the spirit of this joyous day I hope you will raise your vibe and froth on life.

Happy High,

Gi Gi

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